Varmilo probably has the best quality in everything but the PCB.

Varmilo has dye-sub PBT keycaps in SS2 profile, which is very good for typing. [And gaming, which can be less discriminating].

Varmilo cases usually look and feel relatively luxurious.

Varmilo has limited lighting options, in that most of them use single-colour LEDs.

Most important, they tend to have good stabilizers out-of-the-box, which a lot of keyboards don’t. They may even be lubed. The keys feel firm and well-seated, and it doesn’t rattle as much as other boards.

With this configuration in place, the Varmilo Miya Pro comes in handy when playing premium online games with ease to run fingers over it and switch various required modes at every level in the games.

I remember playing an RPG game, GTA. The mode switching is amazing using the Varmilo Miya Pro 65% Keyboard. Everyone knows the fun and thrill playing the GTA game.

If you must enjoy any adventure RPG game, using the Varmilo Miya Pro 65% Keyboard is your best choice

Reason why you must use a gaming keyboard like the Varmilo Miya Pro.

Comfort Is King

While games may have become much more casual friendly in recent years, the best games still often require rather long play sessions. Just think about your typical MMO. Even the most casual friendly MMORPG’s require more than 20 minutes of your time. Sometimes, they may need a few hours, especially if you are tackling end game content with a large group.

A gaming keyboard usually features full-sized, well-spaced, mechanical keys that are easy to use for longer periods of time. On top of that, the shape of the keyboard is usually made to fit your hands perfectly so you can use your keyboard for longer stretches without hurting your hands and wrists.

Mechanical Keys Allow for Faster Typing

Most gaming keyboards feature mechanical keys instead of the membrane keyboards out there. The keys on these keyboards are much easier to press and often don’t have to be pressed with as much force as other types of keyboards. This means you can type much faster on it compared to other keyboards.

If you are playing a game, you will be able to move your character with much more ease compared to the other keyboard. Because it’s easier, you won’t suffer from fatigue while you’re playing and you will be able to make all your moves much faster. Sometimes in games, milliseconds matter, and you can easily gain a few milliseconds if you use a mechanical keyboard.

Custom Control Pads Improve Control

While this doesn’t apply to every keyboard marketed for gamers, there are many gaming keyboards out there that come with custom control pads on the left-hand side of the keyboard. These controls mimic the WASD keys and the keys surrounding them into a custom control pad. These custom keys make it much easier for you to control your characters in game. Better control usually translates into better response time while you play. That means you will be quicker to the draw whether you are going up against the AI or another player while enjoying your favorite PC game.

Backlights For Gaming In All Types of Light

First, let’s just get this out of the way – backlights are cool. Keyboard backlights, especially on gaming keyboards, often feature multi-colored backlights that you can customize yourself. They just look cool, and that makes gaming even more fun.

But beyond this fact, backlights do serve a purpose. Backlights allow you to game in all sorts of lighting. When I game, I often enjoy turning down the lights in the room and playing in the dark. This is especially fun when you are playing a game in the horror genre. If you turn down the lights, you can really allow yourself to be sucked into the game, but you still need to see what you are doing, and that’s where the backlight comes into play. No matter what color in may be, a backlight will help you see what you are doing in the dark so you can enjoy your games in all types of lighting.

Parting Thoughts — On why Should you get a Gaming Keyboard

While a good gaming keyboard will never be as important as the specs of your gaming computer, it can give you a small edge over other players. At the very least it will make your gaming experience much more fun. If you are looking for anyway possible to improve your performance while you play the latest gaming titles, then consider Varmilo Miya Pro. I believe it could definitely mean the difference between success and failure in the highly competitive realm of pc games.

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