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Within the great world of mechanical keyboards, there’s a type issue for everybody. From the bog-standard full-size to the gamer-oriented tenkeyless keyboards, you’ll be hard-pressed to not discover a appropriate type issue for you. For a very long time, the 60% keyboard was simply that for me. Nonetheless, I see loads of learners mistaking the 60% for a tenkeyless and even some which have by no means seen the 60% keyboard in any respect. Add its close sibling, the 65%, to the combination and the soup is prepared.

In this article, I hope to clear up a number of the mystery and reply a number of key questions corresponding to:

  1. What are some great benefits of 60% keyboards?
  2. Are 60% keyboards good for gaming?

With out additional ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty, beginning with the fundamental, the 60% Keyboard.

The 60% keyboard

In respect to its nomencleture, the 60% keyboard covers properly, about 60% of the full-size keyboard. In application, it means you’ll have direct usage to all buttons in what is known as the alphanumeric cluster.

Benefits of the 60% keyboard

If I needed to choose a fundamental attraction of of 60% keyboards, it will definitely be their dimension. The very first thing you’ll discover with a keyboard this small is solely how a lot mouse area you may have.


By taking away the num-pad and the navigation cluster, you achieve about 15 centimetres (that’s about 6 inches in freedom space) of horizontal area for you mouse, thereby conserving the keyboard in the given spot. This lets you hold your arms nearer, which is each extra ergonomic, and extra comfort-ability. Ever seen esports professionals angle their keyboard like this?

That’s as a result of the fact that they’ve grown accustomed to slender desks in LAN setups they usually wanted to determine a technique to get extra room for the mouse. Significantly angling your keyboard recovers some area for the mouse pad. With a 60%, this downside is practically removed from existence.

The small dimension additionally lends itself to taking it on the go along with you. In the event you do loads of typing in your laptop computer, you may wish to take into account a 60% keyboard to go alongside – it barely takes area in your bag and can certainly really feel nicer to type on than the chiclet keyboard of your laptop computer.


The 60% keyboard additionally lends itself nicely to customization. They normally include standard layouts and thus they benefit from the luxurious opportunity of being appropriate with principally each single customized key-set ever made. There are additionally quite a few 60%-only key-sets being made, which naturally sets you again much less cash since they solely include sufficient keys for a 60% keyboard.

Certain circumstances are additionally considerable for 60% keyboards, as all of them use the usual screw placements and because of this, you may have loads of choices to show your keyboard into one thing distinctive.

The second good factor about them is that there are loads of choices accessible, and a few are  completely a lot cheaper than normal full-sized keyboards. Common budget choices for instance are the Anne Pro 2 and the (now outdated) Poker 2.


Because the 60% type issue has to compromise a lot to get the minimalist bodily look, the keyboard producers have provide us with as easy answer: a programmable layer. This normally takes the type of a PN-key and by holding it, the functions for every key change. Just about all 60% keyboards have this performance and the very best part is you could program the layer anyhow you need with a number of easy key-presses. They’ll normally be tailored to recording easy macros as nicely, there on the keyboard without the need to put in sophisticated software program.

The programmable layer is each an answer to issues, in addition to a singular benefit where you could modify and tune the format to your liking.


Now, for the opposite aspect of the coin. The keyboard allows, and the keyboard prevents.

I really feel like whereas the dimensions make for the primary attraction, it additionally makes the shape issue’s largest and solely a downfall. The dimensions signifies that you lose devoted keys for the F-keys, the navigation cluster (the arrow keys and the bunch of navigational buttons above them) and the num-pad. You continue to have entry to all of those features, it’s simply not as handy as it is with a full-size keyboard.

The F-keys, for instance, are often accessed by holding an FN-key (you’ll be conversant in this should you’ve ever used a laptop computer) and pressing the numbers 1-9 and the symbols that make up the remainder of the row. Equally, the arrow keys are sometimes accessed by holding the FN-key and imitating the arrow keys elsewhere on the keyboard. All of this requires some finger-acrobatics and places your pinky to the check because it wants to carry both the PN, or the FN-keys to enter totally different functionalities.

Must you get one?

Most individuals are put away from the 60% just because it has no devoted arrow keys. If that’s the case for you, you may simply get a tenkeyless keyboard, which has the F-row in addition to the navigation cluster, sacrificing solely the quantity pad.

However one other challenger simply might be a solution for you, and that’s the 65% keyboard.

The 65% keyboard

The 65% keyboard is a godsend and a saving grace for most individuals that simply can’t get used to the 60% keyboard. It’s because the 65% keyboard is principally a 60% keyboard with arrow keys. It comes with it’s personal set of benefits and drawbacks.  However most of what was mentioned in regards to the 60% keyboard, applies right here as nicely.

So long as the keyboard is a 60% keyboard with arrow keys, the official designation for it’s the 65%.

Benefits of the 65% keyboard


Because the 65% keyboard could be very near a 60% keyboard in bodily dimension, the identical benefits apply. You’ll get the identical ergonomics and added mouse area. Moreover, the 65% may make for a good higher laptop-companion, because it comes with a rudimentary nav cluster, one thing I discover invaluable when engaged on a laptop computer.

Arrow keys

The one benefit over the 60% keyboard are the devoted arrow keys. In the event you really feel like you possibly can’t get used to the FN- and PN-layer jiggling to use the arrow keys on a regular basis, the 65% keyboard is best for you. The shut proximity of the arrow keys to the alphanumeric cluster may put you off for some time, but you will surely get used to it.


The 65% keyboard trades off some issues with the intention to match within the arrow keys, and that is its singular drawback when in comparison with the 60% type issue.

The primary draw back is that there aren’t very many choices when you are searching for customization. Sittings within the arrow keys typically signifies that the correct facet modifiers are squished, and that the nav cluster keys are on the wrong rows, leading to customized key sets to both fit, or look humorous once they do. Some 65% keyboards keep away from this by leaving bizarre gaps round a few of the extra ill-fitting keys.

Going for a 65% additionally signifies that you’ll be hard-pressed to seek out customized circumstances that match. Some keyboards, just like the Tada68 have optionally available aluminum cases, which you can order it with. However, in most occasions, you’re left to the plastic default case the keyboard ships with.

Are you supposed I get one?

If the one factor holding you from 60% keyboards is unavailability of arrow keys, it’s best to go for the 65%. Simply remember that additional customization may show a little bit challenge, in case you are into that form of factor.

In my view, the 65% keyboards characterize peak efficiency for avid gamers, particularly for those who primarily play MOBA or FPS video games, which normally don’t have too many keystrokes that you can worry about. I discover that only a few video games these days make the most of the F-row, and for that purpose I’m completely happy to toss it to realize entry to the area financial savings these keyboards provide.

In the event you completely can’t stay without arrow keys, the 65% is a perfect selection for you.

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